We supply the aerospace industry worldwide with a wide range of products and services for on-board applications on any type of aircraft, from large commercial aircraft to regional and business jets on the civil side to trainers, fighters and transport on the military side, to helicopters for the most various uses, to aerospace engines and up to the latest developments for UAVs and tiltrotors.

Large civil aircraft

Boeing B787
Airbus A350-900
Global express
Over the last decade we entered the market of the large civil aircrafts with the supply of equipment and sub-assemblies such as uplocks and doorlocks, drag and side brace lock links and pitch trim actuators for landing gears. We industrialize and manufacture these equipment and complex sub-assemblies for the world leading landing gear OEMs and our products are installed on new programmes such as the Boeing B787 and the Airbus A350-900 and A350-1000, but also on the bestseller A320 of Airbus. We also have some minor supplies in fuel on the ATR42/72 regional aircraft and have developed the fuel system for the prototypes of the first Indian commuter Saras and are now developing the fuel system for the first Indonesian commuter N219.

Military aircraft

We have a strong tradition of supplies on military aircraft ever since the beginning of our activity in aerospace over 100 years ago, first on national programmes, then on European multinational programmes and more recently also worldwide. Be it trainers, mission, combat or transport aircraft we have supplied fuel equipment on major programmes after the Second World War such as the F104, G91, G222, AMX, MB326, MB339 and Tornado aircraft and important productions are still ongoing on more recent or new programmes such as the EF2000 Typhoon, Mirage 2000-9, F-35 JSF, KAI T50, JAS39 Gripen, HAL LCA, HAL IJT, C27J, C130J and A400M aircraft. On some of these aircraft we have supplied also special electromechanical and hydraulic equipment. Over the last fifteen years, for trainers, we have been able to extend our supply of fuel equipment at system level and handle the whole design architecture and development activities in strong collaboration with the airframer. This has been the case on the Italian M346 and M345 trainers, on the Swiss PC-21 trainer and on the first Turkish trainer Hurkus.

Business Jets

P180 II P-22
We entered the market of business jets and turboprops with the supply of fuel equipment for the Italian P180 Avanti aircraft and in more recent years we developed capability at system or sub-system level on the Swiss programmes PC-12 and PC-24 and on the American programmes Cirrus SF50 and Stratos 714 currently in production or advanced development. For several Bombardier business jets such as the G7000 and G8000, the Global Express, the CL300 and the CL605 we supply uplocks and doorlocks and other equipment on landing gears.

Helicopters and tiltrotors

Supplies for helicopter applications have seen a significant development of technology and market opportunities in the last decade where we made the step from equipment (fuel, electromechanical and hydraulics) to fuel system supplier with the responsibility for the fuel supply, measurement and management. Our products are currently installed on the Italian helicopters AW109, AW119, AW129, AW139 and also on the European multinational helicopters NH90 and AW101. Our fuel systems or subsystems have been selected also for new helicopter platforms in development or initial production phase such as the Italian AW149, AW169, AW189, the European H130, H160 and H175, the Chinese AC312 and the Russian KA62, KA226 e MI38 while we are giving our contributions also to the AW609 civil tiltrotor programme.


Heron TP IAI
We have made available our competences in fuel system design and development to airframers for experimental programmes of unmanned aircraft vehicles such as the Italian Sky-X and Sky-Y programmes. At present we are collaborating on the development of major international male aircraft such as the Korean KAFS and MUAV and the Piaggio Aerospace P1HH for which we supply the fuel system.


787 genx
We can offer some relevant experience also on engine equipment and components which we gained through several decades of partnerships with principal European OEMs on major programmes. Our products are currently installed on military aircraft engines such as the EJ200, RB199, AE2100 and Spey and are in development or initial production for new generation civil aircraft engines such as the BR700 NG, the GEnx, the PW814/815 and PW1100, the Trent XWB-97K and the V2500.